How we behave and treat others is a reflection of the way that we wish to be treated.

Learn the core concepts of respect, confidence and the importance of being a valuable training partner.

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Conflict Resolution

There are numerous instances in our daily lives where we encounter challenges that need to be overcome.

Our physical training will cover all eight aspects of the martial arts (four unarmed and four armed) and will cover core concepts and keys to understand what we are doing and why.

By training in all eight of these levels we will develop the mental skills necessary to effectively deal with the daily struggles that we encounter.

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Strategic Thinking

The physical skills of the martial arts are great but if you are unable to use your body and mind in a strategic manner then we run the risk of ruining our future and that of others.

By coupling the strategic skills of the martial arts, the timeless lessons of the ninja and military classics that explain tried and true methods we have the opportunity to create a future worth living.

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Our Comprehensive Approach...

Will help you develop the confidence and skills necessary to tackle the challenges you face with a more focused and capable mind.

Take one course, many or all and receive certification in those that you finish. Videos, workbooks, worksheets and quizzes all increase the ability to retain the content.


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