The Ninja Mindset

You Have A Powerful Mind-

Use It!

Hello and welcome to The Ninja Mindset.
The singlemost powerful tool that we possess is our mind. We should always be developing and testing our minds. Only then can we be more capable, more knowledgeable and more skilled.
Thus others will be more able to rely upon the skills that we develop.
Imagine devote time each day towards the development of various skills. If you apply your focus to one or more avenues for the course of a year it is possible to develop a passable level of understanding.
To that end we will be looking at a core selection of studies and broadening our base of understanding.
We do hope that you enjoy your stay, learn something new and help us to get better as well.


Some of The Ways  We Play

Life is an adventure. It is meant to be lived. Come Grow With Us!

The Warrior Path

Practical self-defense doesn't have to be complicated. Learn the core building blocks to gide you in your pursuit of a valuable skillset.


An involved study that relies upon electronics, levers, gears and motors.


Indoor or out lets discover what makes a garden grow.


learn to create, organize and maintain a journal for daily use. Keep your ideas in one place as a ready reference.